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Dr. Mark Griffin, Chiropractor
No. 59 Zhongxiào East Road Section 4, 11F, Dà'ān District, Taipei
(02) 8771-3516
Nearest MRT:
Zhongxiào Dunhuà Station 忠孝敦化站

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Rey09 May at 4:41 am
My name is Rey, I’m 25 years old and I never had a back injury before. I actively go to the gym 3x a week just for weight lifting. Early March 2016 I joined the dragon boat team while still going to the gym 3x a week. Week two, on Monday we did exercises which uses our back muscles a lot, the next day I was unable to walk properly though I still come to practice on Tuesday limping. I’m an engineer and I don’t exercise much the heavy intensity training from the dragon boat may contribute to the cause of my problem. I have about 2 years total in weight lifting, maintaining proper form I could deadlift more than my own weight (160lbs), I started as a skinny boy.
From then I have this annoying problem where doing anything hurts my left leg, simple movements like: coughing, sneezing, sitting down, standing up, putting shoes on, walking up and down the stairs, and well like I mentioned earlier walking hurts so running was impossible for me. A friend of mine recommended me to a local Chiropractor but it didn’t help much (~5%). Waking up in the mornings now feels like a nightmare because I know I can’t walk properly and it hurts. The pain I am experiencing from what I feel started from my rear left hip area and down to the outside of my left thigh through the outside of my left calf and yes the pain are connected. I googled “Taiwan Chiropractor” and came across Dr. Mark Griffin, read some good reviews I decided to give him a try.
My first visit was free, he did a small check on my condition and told me to get X-ray immediately. My first treatment was the week after (2nd week from when the pain starts). We went through my X-ray and he explained what the X-ray says, my L3 and L4 are misaligned one of them tilted different directions causing it to pinch my sciatic muscle, he concluded I have an ‘acute lumbo-sacral sprain/strain complicated by acute left sciatica’. Now I have completed 12 sessions with Dr. Mark and I felt a lot better, over the treatment I felt the pain fading away slowly. There is still pain as of now but not as excruciating as when I got injured on the first day.
I would say I am somewhat 90% cured from the pain, the left-over is just the pain from waking in the morning. I still do the stretches that Dr. Mark told me to do and I add some stretches like hanging on the pull-up bar. It still hurts walking after waking up though the pain would recedes almost not feeling any pain in the afternoon, then it resets when I sleep. I have started going back to the gym 3x a week but left out my back workout also in between my sets I hang on the pull-up bar for around 20 seconds and I would do it around 5-6 times throughout my workout for a total of 2 minutes.
I hope you don’t get the same problem as I do and pardon my English, it’s my second language. Please say hi from me if you decide to get treatment from Dr. Mark.

ryanjgillies11 July at 7:51 am
Woke up one morning to find I couldn't turn my head - the Chinese doctor I was convinced to visit simply scratched my back and gave me some herbal meds to take.

After a couple more days pain I visited Dr Griffin - after some x-rays and a (free) consultation he offered me the quick fix to get rid of the pain, or the longterm treatment to sort out my somewhat out of shape neck - no pressure.

Needless to say I took the longterm treatment. After the first session the pain was gone the next day and movement was back in. Day after day since my neck and back feel better and better.

Would recommend to anyone, hands down.
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