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Steven the Mover / 運長國際有限公司
No. 26 Wēnzhōu Street, Dà'ān District, Taipei
(02) 2366-1668
Nearest MRT:
Taipower Building Station 台電大樓站
Honesty, integrity, reliability, a proven track record. Leave your move to the professionals. Local, national and international moving.

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korhk7225 June at 9:08 am
I couldn't have been more impressed with Steven and he saved me. I had hired a local mover and reserved a month in advanced for him to arrive at my place at 9am on moving day. 9am comes around and he's not there nor any communication with him indicate what time he would get there. I found Steven on this website, contacted him and within an hour he was at my place to bring some boxes. A few hours later he and his crew worked tirelessly to do the move. This move was a mess as the previous company was suppose to do the packing, but understandable Steven had no time to do the packing. My girlfriend and I then frantically packed for the next few hours and when Steven's crew came, they helped us finish the packing, without charge. The most impressive thing was that when there were bumps in the road, as is expected in such a rush move, Steven made certain that every thing was taken care of and every loose end was tied without compromise to make certain that I was 100% satisfied. This is where I believe other companies would have failed. HIs crew was equally impressive. I have done many moves in my 20 years in Asia and I think I have enough experience to judge a good moving company and Steven is one of the most impressive I've ever worked with, and I don't think I am that easy of a customer either. My hats off to him and his screw. His rates were also consistent with that of a local moving company which is a bonus.
nwr08 February at 4:46 pm
We used Steven to move within Taipei - everything was as expected! Great job: he and his crew were reliable, quick, careful, correct, friendly, and Steven speaks very good English. Would recommend him anytime!
maoman19 December at 5:23 am
My former roommate and I were horribly over-ambitious when we thought we could move everything to our new apartment by ourselves. Ha!

After two packed vanloads that took us the better part of Saturday to move, and without having made hardly a dent in the stuff that we wanted to move, we called Steven, and he came first thing the next day with one large truck, took one look at all my stuff, and promptly called in another truck. I have some nice teak furniture and pseudo wood-byproducts from IKEA, including 3 very large, expensive, wooden wardrobes that had to be disassembled before they could be moved, and Steven did it very professionally. Also, the relief and joy of not having to move refrigerators, sofas and wardrobes down a narrow flight of stairs from a rooftop apartment is indescribable.
I highly recommend him. He's fast, friendly, and reliable.
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