Do Not Marry Before Age 30

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Re: Do Not Marry Before Age 30

Postby divea » Fri Jun 21, 2013 20:46

Well,I've been wanting a new baby for a few months. Pining for one really. No can do. Maybe adopt one a few years from now. But really , I miss the gurgles and the skin and the wonder and just the whole thing of having a baby on your chest the whole day. It could also be the biological clock saying, have a child now or NEVER. :sad: I need nieces and nephews now, but before that I need siblings. Aaaargh.
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Re: Do Not Marry Before Age 30

Postby 914 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 21:09

For women, we still can't have it all. According to the article in the op, there is a very short window of less than 10 years for women to wed and have babies. Sigh.

As in my case, wed at 31, and immediately three kids in three years. If we had started earlier we could have had a bigger gap in between each, but time is not a friend to women, unfortunately, so it was wham-bam-bam-bam thank you ma'am. Glad it happened this way tough, but I did give myself a lot of pressure to have all the kids I wanted before my mid-30s. However, at least I still have the energy to run round with them, and plus, 40 is the new 30 (even the new 20!) so I can enjoy it the second time around without childbirth involved. :smile:

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Re: Do Not Marry Before Age 30

Postby Omniloquacious » Tue Jun 25, 2013 22:53

Having kids later in life is quite the norm in my generation of my family. My elder sister was 44 when she had her 4th child (2nd hubby), my elder brother's wife was past 40 when she had her two kids, and my wife was 38 when we had our daughter. I was dead set against having kids until my wife started pining for one as her biological clock started ticking down. Once we made the decision to have one, nature did its work very quickly and efficiently.
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